• Golf Laser Diastimater
  • Golf Laser Diastimater
  • Golf Laser Diastimater

Golf Laser Diastimater

LH-D800; LH-D1200AH

Products Advantage:

  1. Long Distance Measure, Maximum can reach to 1200m

  2. Angle Compensation Function

  3. Excellent Stability


Product Details


Item No: LH-D800 LH-D1200AH
Measure Distance 5-800M 5-1200M
 One-time measure √ √
 Scan Measure √ √
 Height Measure × √
 Angle Measure× √
 Flag-measure √
 Penetrate Mode ××
Tripod Screw Holes √
Measure Accuracy ±1m
 Result DisplayLCD Display ( Within Vision)
 Magnification Times 6.0X
Obtective Diameter Φ24mm
Field 6.5 degree
Working Tempreature-10-+50
Laser Type 905nm,FDA CLASS1
Laser Eye Safty √
 Focus ModeAuto
 Power Source CR-2(Battery)   3V
 Demension 103*74*40.5mm
Net Weight 191g

Angle Compensation Function Explain:

Golf Laser Diastimater 

Distance:AB Distance=AD Distance,Based on real distance,Hit ball parabola is 1,and because the gradient is positive,the ball can only fly to point C,if want to reach point B,we need to hit the ball with parabola 2,and the flight distance the distance between point A and point E。

Golf Laser Diastimater

Distance :AB Distance=AD Distance,Based on real distance,,hit ball in parabola 2,because the gradient is negative,can only reach to point C,if want to reach to point B,need to hit the ball in parabola 1,and the flight distance is between A and E。