• Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

Decoration Lamp

Setting Warm Atmosphere


Product Details

1.Moon Lamp' main parts and acessories:


Main Parts: (1)Spherical Shell; (2) Bottom Cap; (3) Embedded Light(Circuit Board); (4) Battery; (5) Controller

Accessories: Holder; Charger Line; Packing Box; Instrution; Lafite Paper

2.Moon Lamp Control:

The Moon lamp can show different colors and luminance by circuit board; and can trun on/off; change the colors and luminance by touching the metal contact or tapping the shell or by controller.

3.Type of Moon Lamp 

 (1) Classify by Material: 3D Moon Lamp and Evade Glue Moon Lamp

     3D Moon Lamp: Print Moon Lamp by 3D printer, and make the Spherical Shell and Bottom Cap, then fix the curciut board and Li Battery to Bottom Cap, then paste the shell together with bottom cap,          

       finally to be a moon lamp.

        Hardness    Aesthetic Sense         OEM         Price       Fragile Degree       Production 
3D Moon Lamp       PLA          Hard
        Higher          Can         Higer     Not Easy           Lower
Evade Glue Moon Lamp   PVC+ABS           Soft         Lower  Can(With MOQ)         Lower       Easier           Higher

(2) Classify By Lightening control:

     (a) Touching Control:  Touching the metal contact in the bottom of lamp to turn on/off, change colors; Adjusting the luminance by long pressing;

     (b) Tapping Control: Tapping the shell to turn on/off, change colors; Adjusting the luminance by long pressing;

     (c) Controller: Control by the controller

    some products will be mixed by 2 or 3 control function

(3) Classify by different colors: double color light; trible color light; four light color; seven color light; sixteen light color

(4) Classify by diameter of the ball: 

     Standard Sizes: 8cm; 10cm; 12cm; 15cm; 18cm; 20cm; 22cm

     Other Sizes:11cm; 13cm; 14cm; 17cm; 24cm; 25cm; 30cm; 45cm