How To Glue Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall?

Jan. 08, 2019

The aluminum veneer curtain wall is your preferred outdoor wall material for luxury buildings. It is not only due to its resistance to acid and alkali, corrosion, rich color, self-cleaning capability, long service life, etc.. The inherent impact of this game is different, making people look bright and memorable.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall is glued using a hidden adhesive seam, and it is hard to ensure the depth of the glue once the glue is glued.

1. After the aluminum veneer of the curtain wall has been set up, the foam strip is filled. The choice of the foam strip ought to be chosen based on how big the adhesive joint. The foam rod is cut open until the filling, along with the trim surface faces the interior. The thickness of filling of the foam strips shall be the same, and no unevenness will occur. From the building, the feet shall be used for filling.

2. After the foam strip is filled, paste the textured paper. The paste of the textured paper should be horizontal and vertical, and there should be no distortion.

3. During the rubbering process, the injection should be continuous and full, the squeegee should be even and smooth, and there must be no jumping.

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