The Difference Between Aluminum Plastic Panel And Aluminum Composite Panel

Dec. 04, 2018

Aluminum-plastic composite panel would be the abbreviation of this aluminum-plastic composite panel. As its name implies, aluminum-plastic composite panel is a composite item of alloy aluminum (plank ) and non-metal plastic, also referred to as a plastic aluminum plank.

Aluminum Composite Panel (3mm Aluminum Composite Panel, 2mm Thickness Aluminum Composite Panel) is really a composite material of aluminum material and aluminum stuff, and the honeycomb aluminum plank that's compounded by the aluminum substrate along with the aluminum honeycomb center is an aluminum composite plank kind.

Strictly speaking, these substances must be based on specific rules and criteria when naming, which is simple to comprehend, but a lot of new or manufacturers goods supporting the pushers are looking for novelty, engaging in theories, arrogance, highlighting advertisements consequences, etc.. The disorderly naming phenomenon is therefore generated.

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Aluminum Composite Panel, 3mm Aluminum Composite Panel, 2mm Thickness Aluminum Composite Panel