How To Distinguish Raw Materials And Clinker From Aluminum-plastic Composite Panels?

Feb. 27, 2019

Here is Oem Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer talking about raw materials and clinker from aluminum-plastic composite panels. 

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The core substance of this normal high-quality aluminum-plastic composite plank is created from non-toxic PE core substance in line with the demands, but a lot of manufacturers utilize the raw material so as to decrease the price tag, then now we'll briefly discuss the raw material center aluminum-plastic composite panel along with The differentiation between clinker and aluminum composite panels.


1. Resilience

Due to the poor toughness of raw meal, the raw material aluminum-plastic plate is easy to break, and the clinker aluminum-plastic plate is not easy to be broken.

2. Processing aspects

When processing aluminum-plastic plates, raw materials may be more expensive. After all, there are impurities.

3. Advantages and disadvantages

When the aluminum skin is thick, the advantages and disadvantages of the two core materials do not appear on the surface of the construction effect, but when the aluminum skin is thin, the finished aluminum composite panel of the raw material core material tends to have some small protrusions, and the flatness is not it is good.

4. Detection of core particles

According to the specific gravity test, the particles are placed in the water, and the clinker floating on the top is the raw material.

5. Aluminum composite panel price

In view of the aforementioned reasons, when purchasing aluminum-plastic composite panels, don't Examine the Purchase Price, but also Examine the caliber, the cost Is a Lot more economical, it must function as an aluminum composite panel, raw aluminum composite panel Isn't just

There's not any guarantee in caliber, and there's not any guarantee from the ceremony live. Following the building, various scenarios will happen. Because of this, the purchase of aluminum-plastic panels has to be bought from regular producers.

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