How To Check The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Decorative Fireproof Coatings?

Apr. 23, 2019

Here is 3MM Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers talking about How to check the physical and chemical properties of decorative fireproof coatings.

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The physical and chemical properties of fireproof coatings require professional testing institutions to be able to detect them. How do consumers judge and test them in peacetime? Now, I will introduce you to a simple and effective method of identification.

3mm Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers

First of all, a simple understanding of the decorative fire retardant coating is an intumescent fireproof coating, according to the type of solvent can be divided into the solvent type and water dosage type.

The physical and chemical properties of the veneer-type fire retardant coating mainly depend on the height of the foam layer after the coating is fired and the compactness of the foam layer. The thickness and adhesion of the coating layer have a great influence on fireproof performance. If there is cracking or powder removal, it will affect the expansion and foaming of the coating. Cracks appear on the surface of the coating, which not only affects its decorative properties but also reflects the flexibility and impact strength of the physical and chemical properties. The surface of the coating has powder removal, which reflects the water resistance and resistance in its physical and chemical properties. Poor heat and humidity.

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