The Thicker The Fire Retardant Coating, The Better?

Apr. 25, 2019

As a China PVDF Coated Aluminum Composite Supplier, we will discuss The Thicker The Fire Retardant Coating, The Better with you.

The protective effect of fireproof coating on steel structure construction gradually decreases with the increase of the thickness of fireproof coating, and the fireproof coating is easy to fall off due to environmental factors after the fireproof coating, so it cannot mean that the steel structure is fired under the fire by increasing the thickness of the fireproof coating Safety.

China Pvdf Coated Aluminum Composite Supplier

The thermal conductivity of fire-retardant coatings has a great influence on the internal steel structure temperature. For buildings with high fire risk, fire-retardant coatings with small thermal conductivity should be used instead of increasing the thickness of fire-retardant coatings to achieve the structural requirements of the building.

In addition, the fire endurance of ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coatings increases with the increase of coating thickness, but the two are not a purely linear increasing relationship, but the curve relationship of the increase of the fire resistance limit as the thickness of the coating increases.

Therefore, the fire protection coating is not the thicker the fire performance is better.

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