Fire Performance A Grade Aluminum-plastic Composite Board

May. 08, 2019

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An aluminum-plastic composite board with high fire performance and meeting the current high standards in China has passed the expert appraisal in Changsha. Tested by the National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the fire performance of this aluminum-plastic composite board has reached the non-combustible A-level index, and the comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, filling the domestic gap in this field.

China Pvdf Coated Aluminum Composite Supplier

According to the national standard, the aluminum-plastic composite panel as the wall decoration material should reach the flame retardant B1 grade or the non-combustible material grade A. In particular, the theater, auditorium and concert hall of 800 or more must be Class A. Previously, China has developed a flame-retardant B1 fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panel, but it is still blank in the development of Class A fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels, so it can only use foreign products.

Experts believe that this product has greatly improved the technical level of domestic aluminum-plastic composite panels, so that domestic aluminum-plastic composite panel products can fully meet the fire safety and environmental protection requirements of building decoration materials, in line with national industrial policies, and have broad market prospects.