How To Repair Fireproof Coatings?

Apr. 29, 2019

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Fire retardant coating:

Fireproof coatings are functional coatings for protecting steel structures. Nowadays, in the construction of buildings, in order to make the building more beautiful, it will often make some decoration on the steel structure, but the decoration will be accompanied by problems. How can we ensure that the painted steel structure fireproof coating does not? destroyed? How to fix it even if it is destroyed? Fireproof coating manufacturers come to tell you

The steel structure fireproof coating is matched according to the fire resistance grade of the design. The thickness of the coating and the fire resistance time are corresponding. If the decoration is damaged, the coating will fall off or be damaged, which will affect the fire resistance of the steel structure. In addition, the steel structure is connected, reinforced, installed, etc. during the decoration, so that the long-term welding causes the fireproof coating at many solder joints to expand or carbonize.

China Pvdf Coated Aluminum Composite Supplier

How to fix?

If the above problems occur, the parts of the fire-retardant coatings that are expanded, carbonized and peeled off should be cleaned and the steel structure fire-retardant coatings should be re-sprayed to ensure that the damaged parts return to the fire endurance requirements of the design.

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