Construction And Installation Of Outdoor Billboards On The Roof Of Buildings

Jun. 17, 2019

Here is China Advertisement Board PVDF Wholesaler talking about Construction and installation of outdoor billboards on the roof of buildings.

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The installation and construction of outdoor roof billboards usually must be approved by the construction, urban management, and industrial and commercial departments. When submitting the application, the construction department should first go to the construction department for approval and registration. The approval content includes whether Ding. Whether the location of the card is within the scope of the permitted planning, and then go to the urban management department for approval and registration procedures, mainly to examine the city appearance and security aspects of the roof billboards, and finally the registration of the outdoor advertising content should go to the industrial and commercial department (market supervision).

In addition, the installation and installation of the roof billboard project approval process in urban areas should also meet the following conditions:

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1. The artistic renderings of the outdoor roof advertising project with the lease agreement of the owner (property owner of the building) and the approval of the relevant department.

2. Select the unit with steel structure construction qualification and engineering supervision qualification to be responsible for construction and supervision.

3. The installed outdoor billboards cannot affect the safety of the main structure of the building, and must not affect the neighboring rights of surrounding residents, units, normal ventilation, lighting, etc.