What Is The Reason Why The Aluminum Plate Is Not Colored?

Mar. 06, 2019

Here is Nano PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier talking about why the aluminum plate is not colored. 

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Nano Coated Aluminum Composite Panel

With the development of process technology, the use of aluminum-plastic composite panels in people's lives is getting higher and higher, and the color is no longer monotonous as before. 

Current aluminum-plastic panel processing:

You can paint the color you want, but when we color the aluminum-plastic panel, it will inevitably encounter the situation of dyeing and not color.

The treatment methods are:

1. The thickness of the anodized film is insufficient: the solution is to check whether the anodizing process is standardized and whether the temperature, voltage, and conductivity are stable if any

Often, please adjust the specifications accordingly. If there is no abnormality, the oxidation time can be extended appropriately to ensure the film thickness is up to standard.

2. The pH of the dye solution is too high: at this time, the pH value can be adjusted to the standard value with glacial acetic acid.

3. After the oxidation, the workpiece is placed in the water tank for too long: it is recommended to dye in time. If this happens, the workpiece can be placed in the anodizing tank or nitrate.

After the appropriate activation treatment in the acid neutralization tank, the dyeing is carried out, and the effect is good.

4. The selected dye has been decomposed or mildewed: at this time, the dye needs to be replaced and the appropriate dye is selected.

5. The oxidation temperature is too low, resulting in the dense film: the oxidation temperature can be appropriately increased.

6. Poor Conduction: Poorly conductive in the batch due to poor contact between the anode copper rod or the cathode lead plate. Pay attention to cleaning the anode copper rod and the cathode lead plate to ensure good electrical conductivity.

The above is about the cause and treatment of aluminum-plastic panel dyeing. At present, the aluminum-plastic panel has become a common material in the field of construction, and it is widely used in buildings.

Decorative areas such as exterior walls, interior walls, advertising signs, etc. However, as people's aesthetic requirements for decorative items are getting higher and higher, aluminum-plastic panels with a single color and dull pattern can no longer meet the production needs.

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