Performance Of Calcium Silicate Board

Apr. 09, 2019

Today Decoration Aluminum Composite Panels Factory to come to Performance of calcium silicate board.

Calcium silicate board is a non-combustible grade A material. In the event of a fire, the sheet will not burn and will not produce toxic fumes.

Oem Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

1. Excellent waterproof performance

Calcium silicate board has excellent waterproof performance, and it can maintain stable performance in the high humidity areas such as bathroom and bathroom, and will not expand or deform.

2. High strength

The strength of the calcium silicate board is high, and the strength of the 6 mm thick board greatly exceeds the ordinary paper surface gypsum board of 9.5 mm thick. Calcium silicate board wall is solid and reliable, not easy to damage and crack

3. Stable size

Calcium silicate board adopts advanced formula and is produced under strict quality control. The wet and dry shrinkage rate of the sheet is controlled in the most ideal range.

4. Thermal insulation

Calcium silicate board has good thermal insulation performance, and the thermal insulation performance of the 10mm thick partition wall is obviously better than that of an ordinary brick wall, and it has good sound insulation effect.

5. Long lasting

Calcium silicate board has stable performance, acid and alkali resistance, is not easy to corrode, and will not be damaged by moisture or insect ants, and can guarantee an extremely long service life.

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