Trend Analysis Of Aluminum And Copper

Apr. 03, 2019

Today we PVDF Coated Acp Supplier come to summarize Trend analysis of aluminum and copper.

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On March 29, the 2019 non-ferrous metal market report was held in Beijing. This market report will cover 17 varieties of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, nickel, cobalt, lithium, gold, silver, rare earth, tungsten, molybdenum, indium, bismuth, antimony, and gallium. According to the information conveyed by the report, due to the influence of the international economic environment, the fundamentals of the non-ferrous metals industry are still facing challenges. Except for individual metals such as gold, copper, and molybdenum, most non-ferrous metal varieties will face the consumption period. challenge.

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Demand for bulk metal minerals narrows

Copper: Driven by tight supply, prices are cautiously optimistic.

The global economic resonance has fallen, and the hedging effect of domestic economic stimulus policies is difficult to show up quickly in a short period of time. The main consumer industries such as real estate and automobiles are limited in demand. In 2019, the global copper mine added capacity of about 570,000 tons, of which net production capacity was 250,000 tons. Environmental policy. In terms of consumption, copper demand remains weak. It is estimated that domestic refined copper consumption will increase by about 3.0% in 2019, which is about one percentage point lower than the previous year. It is expected that the copper price will exceed 7,000 US dollars in the second quarter, and the highest is expected to reach 7300-7400 US dollars, becoming the highest level in the year, and the copper price will fall again in the second half of the year.

Aluminum: The price range is likely to fluctuate in the low range.

The 2019 annual demand growth rate is expected to further narrow to 1%. At the supply end, electrolytic aluminum is under the “ceiling” of compliance capacity, “capacity expansion” has shifted to “regional transfer”, and at the same time, some shutdown production capacity has been converted into effective production capacity, and domestic supply pressure has increased. With the introduction of new foreign capacity, the gap is expected to narrow. The cost of electrolytic aluminum is expected to decline further and the support for aluminum prices will weaken. The trend of aluminum prices in 2019 is not optimistic. It is expected that the price center of domestic and foreign prices will move downwards. The annual fluctuation range is 13200-14500 yuan/ton and 1750-2200 dollars/ton.

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