Wall Mounted And Concealed In Home Decoration

Apr. 12, 2019

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Pvdf Coated Ac

Many families like to put a skirting line and put on the baseboard. The overall feeling of the room is more uniform, and there is also a high-end atmosphere. However, the skirting line actually has two ways of paving, namely, clear and dark. The so-called Ming posted means that the baseboard is directly attached to the wall. At this time, the baseboard is protruded; and the dark sticker means that the hole is dug in the corner position, and the baseboard is embedded in the wall. It is completely flush with the wall. Many people are very curious, are the skirtings clearly mounted or concealed? Let's take a look at the skirting line or the concealed!

First, what is the wall mounted? What is concealed?

The skirting line is mounted directly to the corner of the skirting line, and the baseboard is protruding; while the concealed means that the slotting is hollowed out at the corner of the corner, and the baseboard is embedded in the wall. To make it flush with the wall, this installation is smoother!

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